Geishas are Japanese performing artists trained in established arts, such as dance and singing. Their appearance is characterized by a long kimono and traditional hairstyle. Pachinko is a mechanical game rooted in Japan being part of today's lifestyle. The print beautifully merges traditions with modernity.
The headline is formed by the Japanese kanji "kodai gendai" meaning ancient modern. The left kanji is "pachinko and geisha" and the right one "kodai gendai nippon" meaning ancient and modern Japan.
Illustration of the Itsukushima Jinja shrine in Japan and a couple consisting of a samurai and a Harajuku girl. The duo symbolizes the conjunction of traditional and modern-day life. The shrine is headlined by the Japanese kanji "gendai ai" meaning modern love. It carries a panel with its name in kanji "itsukushima jinja". Displayed at the bottom is a  Japanese seal stamp with the kanji "ai" meaning love.
Mozzis is a fashion brand specialized in designs merging the traditional and modern aspects of Japan. 

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